Golf Event Coordinators Checklist:

As the event coordinator, you have a big job! Our goal is to provide you with as much assistance as needed in an effort to keep things hassle free. The following list will provide you with a basic step by step plan to work with in organizing your event. Using this outline with allow The Williston Golf Club Staff and Yourself to work together in coordinating and successful event and an enjoyable experience for the golfers.

First Things First:

~ Contact the Williston Golf Club. Prepare to make the following arrangements during your initial meeting with one of our PGA Professionals.

~ Choose a date and time for your event. Our Calendar fills up quickly, so finalize and book your event today!

~ Estimate the number of potential participants. This is an important detail, as the number of players determines your special group rate and Method of starting time (Shotgun start vs. Tee Time start)

~ Consider and determine Event Format and On Course Special Events and Pro Shop prizes and awards.

Our PGA Staff can help you choose the best options for your type of event.

~ We do not require a deposit to reserve the course for your event

, rather we will bill you according to the final number of players that you must provide to us 7 days prior to the event!

~ Assess your Food and Beverage needs

, choose from the countless options provided by Old Duffers Tavern. Note: Food and Beverage must be provided by the Williston Golf Club and Old Duffers Tavern. State Law prohibits service of any alcoholic beverages that are not purchased from the host facility and must be served by a licensed golf course employee. Any donated Foods may be served with approval of management and may be subject to a corkage fee.

* That’s It! The initial details and outline of your event have been established!

6-8 weeks Prior to Your Event:

~ Contact Potential Participants. You should create an Event Information and Entry Form that describes the details of the event and invites people to participate. Our PGA Staff can provide you with examples of this and if needed can produce this for you. Note: We strongly recommend that you have the players RSVP back to you by a entry deadline date 10 days prior to your event. This will allow you a few days to finalize your list of players and submit it to the WGC Staff to meet the 7 Day Advance Guarantee that we require.

~ Assess and Finalize any Merchandise needs. Tee gifts and Tournament Prizes can be ordered for you at a discounted rate. Customized merchandise could require up to 6 weeks for delivery.

~ Charity Fundraisers: Acquire donations of Tee favors, Tournament Prizes, Hole Sponsorships and the like.

~ Order Banners and Hole Sponsorship Signs. We can provide you with a contact at a local sign maker that has worked with other events in the past.

~ Order Hole In One Insurance ( if needed).

There are several companies that sell this insurance and provide the awards . Simply search the Web to contact these sources.

~ Organize Volunteers for the Event

. You may need people to assist you with, securing sponsorships, assist you with registration on the day of the event, help out with tournament scoring and act as witnesses for on course special events etc…The Williston Golf Club does not provide the staff to assist you with these duties.

2 Weeks Prior to your Event:

~ You will be contacted by the Williston Golf Club’s PGA Staff.

Now is the time to make any last minute changes to prior arrangements and finalize those details.

~ Receive final participant entries

. Confirm with all participants and notify them to arrive at the course prior to the start of the event in this manner: 15 minutes prior to their tee time start or 1 hour prior to a Shotgun start.

1 Week Prior to your Event:

~ Send your Final Player List to our PGA Staff

. This is a list that should include the players first initial and last name and/or team name. This list will be used for final billing for your event and by the Staff to create customized collateral material for the players. It is important to understand that you will be billed for any no shows or cancellations that occur after you have provided us with the Final Player List. Also, any additional participants to the event may not be able to be added. Changes and updates to your Final Player List are difficult to accommodate, as it requires the Staff to go back and re-do previously completed work. Please do your best to provide us with a complete and accurate list. The PGA Staff will provide you with more information about the List, Billing, Cancellations and No Shows.

1 Day Prior to your Event:

~ Deliver to the course any signs, banners, prizes, hole in one cars or other supplies that need to be pre-staged.

~ Give yourself a pat on the back, for a great job done!! You did it !!

The Day of your Event:

~ Relax and enjoy a day of golf, you deserve it.

Our PGA Staff will coordinate with you and your volunteers to welcome all of the participants. We will provide brief Pre-round announcements and look after all of the details of the days events while your Event is happening. Our Goal is to ensure that you have a stress-free day and all of the participants have a great experience.

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