Pace of Play
Playing Perhaps the best Conditioned course in New England is Wonderful….But only if the Pace is Enjoyable.

"The pace of play program at Williston is second to none. It is the fastest public round of
golf anywhere in Vermont. Last week I played a 5 hour round at an overpriced
course. I will never play there again, Williston is the best!"
-- Fred Frey, Montpelier, VT

Williston Golf Club is committed to a four hour round.
Because Williston is one of the most popular golf courses in Vermont, the ownership and the PGA professional staff are committed to ensuring an enjoyable pace of play that lets golfers get around the course. It is a return to the way golf was meant to be: Four hour rounds!

Pace of play is science, art and service. Several years ago, the management at Williston looked at every aspect of speeding up play and organized a program with one goal - Make golf more enjoyable by eliminating golfer gridlock that is so typical at busy golf courses. The Plan included widening landing areas, taking out trees and creating collection areas around greens for an easier “up and down”. They clearly established a Pace of Play Policy and provided Golfers with the tools needed to get the job done, fast play tips, USGA Pace Pars on the scorecard as well as clocks positioned on the course that serve as reminders to passing groups and allow them to gauge their own pace.
In 2010/11 we contracted Steve Durkee, infamous golf course designer, to redesign 4 holes on the front nine. He lengthened two shortish par 4's to increase those holes playability and shot value, while eliminating the gridlock caused by those golfers that delayed play by waiting for the green to clear in an attempt to possibly drive the green. He also transformed a par 3 hole into a unique par 4 with the creating of a new green. The pace of play on the front nine is much more enjoyable with added interest and shot value.
in 2011/12 Steve contuinued to improve the playablity and enjoyment of the course by creating two new holes on the back nine.

Professional and diplomatic on-course assistants are provided ensuring that all groups are keeping the pace and if needed will tactfully ask a slow group to skip a hole. In severe situations, management has asked players to leave the course, refunded their greens fee and invited them back to play a complimentary round on another day during an “off peak” time.

A lot of courses say they are committed to a pace of play that is sensible without feeling hurried, but only Williston Golf Club backs it up. Management will continue to monitor the pace of play program. Enjoyable rounds do not happen by accident, it happens because there is a plan in place to ensure that everyone has a Legendary day!!!

If You are fed up with slow play at your course 
call us at (802) 878-3747 to play an enjoyable round!!
Call us at (802) 878-3747 to book a tee time - unless you are a slow golfer. In that case we can recommend several other courses that specialize in five hour rounds!!
Have More Time for your Family or More Golf!!!

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